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Maria Rainer - Isabella Wears

Captain Georg von Trapp - Chris Madura

Max Deitweiller - Bob Sawyer

Elsa Schrader - Teresa Dyer

Mother Abbess - Carolyn Allen

Sister Berthe - Julie Frum

Sister Margaretta - Nicole Landers

Sister Sophia - Vicki Norris

Franz - Riley Wears

Frau Schmidt - Kathy Rose

Herr Zeller - Brad Wears

Ursula - Katie Edwards

Baron Elberfeld - Timothy Holbrook
Baroness Elberfeld - Susan Holbrook

Rolf Gruber - Payson Avery

Leisl von Trapp - Alice O'Connor

Friedrich von Trapp - Buddy Tucker

Louisa von Trapp - Lucy Payne

Kurt von Trapp - Elliot Condon

Brigitta von Trapp - Keira Sawyer

Marta von Trapp - Truly Grard

Gretyl von Trapp - Isla Scannell

Nuns and Novices:

Theresa Sawyer, Jennifer Perreault, Lauren Murphy, Emma McKenney, Evelyn Morey, Ella Tilsley, Zoe Cummings, Lilah Landers, Megan Sawyer, Kate Akeley, Susan Holbrook, Katie Edwards


Jackie Karnoff, Amy McArthur, Laura Varney, Mathilde Messick,
Bill Libby, Scott Avery, Stephen Mosley

August 2023

The Sound of Music

Music by Richard Rodgers

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Directed by

Rob Juergens

Music Direction by

Betty McIntyre

Choreographed by

Ciara Harriman

Costume Design and Creation by

Shannon Avery, assisted by Janine Rocca-Chaine

Executive Producer

Janet Ver Planck


 Kelly Winslow, Shannon Avery, Chris Madura

Set Design and Construction

Chris Madura and Stephen Mosley

Lighting Design and Sound

Greg Watkins assisted by Mariella Silvia, Scott Avery, and Garrett Sawyer

Stage Manager

Zoe Silvia

Stage Crew
Zoe Silvia, Stephen Mosley, Kelly Winslow and Cast

Make-Up and Hair Design

Mellissa Dodge assisted by the cast

Prop Masters

Kelly Winslow, Janet Ver Plank, Shannon Avery

Scenic Painters

Chris Madura and Stephen Mosley,  Kelly Winslow,
Zoe Silvia, Isabella Wears, Alice O'Connor

The Pit Band


House Manager

Lew Krainin

Poster Design

Chris Madura

Show Photographer and Float Design

Shannon Avery

Photos generously provided by Shannon Avery

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