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Ladahlord: Walker Elsaesser, Bob Sawyer

James: Katherine Akeley, Kevin Jackson

Sponge: Corban Ridlon, Corinne UImer

Spiker: Helen Crawford, Jessica Frum

Spider: Annie O'Connor, Kaytrien Hall

Ladybug: Paige Goldstein, Isabella Wears

Centipede: David DelVecchio, Derrek Schrader

Grasshopper: Thomas Kolofsky, Matthew Mayo

Earthworm: Sean Buchanan



Payson Avery, Abby Baker, Lila Damon, Megan Frye, Catia Jackson, Eden Johnson, Isabelle Johnson, Sydney Mushrow, Victoria Norris, Alice O'Connor, Olive Passalaqua,

Luke Staires, Tyler Stuart, Collette Woodson

August 2019

James and the Giant Peach

Director: Rob Juergens

Music Director: Brian Tingdahl

Choreographer: Liza Collins-Schrader

Costumer: Michelle DelVecchio

Executive Producer: Janet Ver Planck

Producers: Kelly Winslow, Shannon Avery, Chris Madura


The Pit Band

Keyboard: Julie Frum

Drums/Percussion: Alyssa Ostrowski

Cello/Violin: Jenny Huang-Da;e and Cynthia Priem

Trombone: Sarah Foster and Tyler Lucca

Bassoon, Baritone Sax, Oboe, Clarinet: Sam D'Amico

Bass: Paul Greenstone

Alto Sax/Clarinet: Giselle Wallace

Trumpet: Allen Graffam

Set Design & Construction: Chris Madura

Lights & Sound: Greg Watkins (assisted by: Mariella Silvia)

Make-up Design: Mellissa Mattucci (assisted by: Kathy Rose, Jasmine Jackson, Liza Collins-Schrader, Janine Rocca-Chaine, Emeline Akeley)

Puppets Created by: Shannon Avery

Scenic Painting: Julie Perry (assisted by: Shannon Avery, Kelly Winslow, Janine Rocca-Chaine, Zoe Silvia, Helen Crawford, Chris Madura)

Stage Manager: Janet Ver Planck

Stage Crew: Chris Madura. Zoe Silvia, Kate Rose

Props: Shannon Avery, Michelle DelVecchio, Emeline Akeley, Janet Ver Planck

House Manager: Lew Krainin

Poster Design: Chris Madura

Float Design & Construction: Shannon Avery

Show Photographer: Shannon Avery


Photos generously provided by Shannon Avery

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