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Matilda - ​​​​Everly Robbins and Autumn Hamilton

Miss Agatha Trunchbull​​ - Amity Gottschalk

Miss Honey - ​​​​Isabella Wears

Mr. Wormwood​​​ - Bob Sawyer

Mrs. Wormwood​​​ - Teresa Dyer

Michael Wormwood​​ - Cam Fudge

Mrs. Phelps​​​​ - Vicki Norris

Bruce - ​​​​​Keira Sawyer

Lavender - ​​​​Lilah Landers

Amanda​​​​ - Dylan Lombardi

Alice - ​​​​​Isabella Lombardi

Hortensia - ​​​​Britta Chalmers

Eric​​​​​ - Buddy Tucker

Nigel​​​​​ - Ava Thibodeau

Tommy - ​​​​Ava Barrows


Grace Armstrong​, Lily Bryan​​​, Riley Foster​, Ava Johnson​, Brian Lucy, Kevin Lucy,​Emma McKenney​, Sydney Mushrow, Olive Passalaqua, ​​

Logan Smith​, Brooke Taber, Maria Tucci


The Escapologist​​​ - Sam Carignan

The Acrobat - ​​​​Nicole Cox-Landers

Rudolpho - Liza Collins-Schrader

Doctor/Sergei​​​ - Payson Avery


Brooklyn Cross, Adelaide Johnson, Nichole Johnson, Madison Marshall, 

Myla McKenney, Allison Taber, Kendall Webb

August 2022

MATILDA: The Musical

Music and Lyrics by  Tim Minchin

Written by  Dennis Kelly

Based on the book Matilda by  Roald Dahl

Directed by

Rob Juergens

Music Direction by

Brian Tingdahl

Choreographed by

Liza Collins-Schrader

Costume Design and Creation by

Patty Hibbert, Shannon Avery, Mary Bastoni, Emily St. John

Executive Producer

Janet Ver Planck


 Shannon Avery, Chris Madura, Kelly Winslow

Set Design and Construction

Chris Madura and Stephen Mosley

Lighting Design and Sound

Greg Watkins assisted by Zoe Silvia,

Mariella Silvia and Tyler Lafontaine

Make-Up and Hair Design

Mellissa Dodge assisted by Nicole Cox-Landers, 

Michelle Thibodeau and Liza Collins-Schrader

Prop Masters

Shannon Avery and Kathy Rose with special thanks to Zach McEwen

Scenic Painters

Chris Madura and Stephen Mosley, Shannon Avery, Payson Avery, Emma McKenney, Sam Carignan, Jenny O'Connor, Bob Sawyer, Garrett Sawyer, Issac Ryan, Bethany Scott, Isa Wears

The Pit Band

John Waldie, Sam Fickett, Phoebe PAyne, Alysa Ostrowski,
Paul Greenstone, Ian Smith, Mark Stanaford

House Manager

Lew Krainin

Poster Design

Chris Madura

Show Photographer and Float Design

Shannon Avery

Photos generously provided by Shannon Avery

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